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How the EGG Working Lunch Changed My Life

Natalie Little
23rd Oct. '18
I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the first EGG working lunch, but suffer from major FOMO and couldn’t pass on an opportunity to meet lots of like-minded, Edinburgh-based professional women (and have some good food and a lunchtime wine!).
At the time I was on maternity leave from a big company, in a job that involved commuting to London most weeks and some long hours, and while I enjoyed the work, the thought of having to juggle that lifestyle along with 2 kids was causing me no end of 3am stressing. I’d toyed with leaving and trying my hand at something else, but having only ever worked for massive organisations in nice, safe jobs, this would mean a major step out of my comfort zone.
At the working lunch I sat with a group of ladies who came from all different professions and backgrounds: a beautician, a fitness instructor, a cafe owner, an interior designer, a psychiatrist – an eclectic mix, but they all had 1 thing in common – they’d taken that leap and were now all business owners, in control of their own work and time: the very definition of sisters doing it for themselves.
Now, I’m not for a second saying it had been a breeze for them all, but talking to each of them made me realise that in order to succeed – and re-take control of your life – you have to believe in yourself, and you have to take that first massively scary step.
Within a month, I’d handed my notice in (ARGH!), set up my own consultancy company (EEEK!), and hired an accountant* (GULP!). I’m 3 months in now, and while life is definitely still a juggle, I’m loving the work I’m doing, loving that I’m in control, and most of all loving that I have a genuine work / life balance for the first time in years. So yes, I can say that the EGG working lunch definitely helped change my life – which is probably worth £30, no?!
(*found her on EGG, obvs!)
Thank you Natalie for sharing your story!
If you’re feeling inspired, you can find out more about the next EGG Working Lunch here!
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