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The Art of Decluttering

Zoe Berry
23rd Oct. '18

As busy women, often trying to juggle demanding careers with the pressures of family and social lives, I think we are all familiar with that feeling of tasks around the house that aren’t done, and are likely to stay un-done. Whether it is a cupboard that needs tidying out, a pile of paperwork that needs to be filed, or a toy sort-out before a child’s birthday, these things tend to make us feel stressed out and guilty for not getting round to them. And that’s where I come in!

The idea of Life/Edit has been bubbling away under the surface with me for a long time, but as a busy stay-at- home mum to three young children, it had stayed as an idea. Then just a few months ago I tested the water to see if there was interest from people needing help with decluttering and home organisation and it has taken off at lightning speed. I have always loved creating calm from perceived chaos and helping people to make the most from their home. What I do is not about achieving minimalism, it’s about listening to my clients and assisting them in getting where they want to be; whether it’s preparing a nursery for a new baby, changing the function of a room, sorting out a wardrobe or tackling that dreaded cupboard under the stairs.

How does it work?
To start off, I come along for a (free) consultation to chat about the area to be dealt with, find out about you and what you want to achieve and we agree a date to make a start. On the day, I come along with everything we need and we sort out the area together. If it’s a wardrobe, for example, we take everything out, lay it all on the bed, and decide whether the clothes are to be kept, put into charity or recycled. Then we decide on a system that works best for the you (everyone has a particular way that they like their wardrobe to be!) and put everything back that way. I take anything away to charity shops, the recycling centre or the tip so you are left free to enjoy your decluttered space.

People are often a bit nervous before they meet me, after all I am coming into your home and we are working in your space. But as soon as we have had the first chat, they relax and realise that I am just a normal working mum who happens to love creating organised spaces, as my testimonials show.

“I absolutely loved working with Zoë. She helped me to organise my kitchen/playroom and children’s bedrooms.  I hated the mess of kids toys and endless clutter, and she was able to help me not only find a better way to organise everything, but also helped me to really see what I could finally let go of. There was never any judgement or pressure, just support and objective suggestions.  We had a real laugh during the process, but she kept me focussed and took away the daunting feeling out of what had seemed insurmountable for so long. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services; she is incredibly professional, yet still so friendly, funny and easy to work with. With such an incredible eye for detail and design, the end results are amazing!” – Kate, Joppa

Another part of what I do is home staging for when people are looking to sell their house. The way we live in a house is one thing and how it needs to look to stand the best chance on the property market is a totally different issue. I really enjoy using my eye for design and ability to make the most of a space to help people to make their house look the best it possibly can.

I love my job and get a real sense of satisfaction from seeing how happy people are when we have completed a project together. Your home should be a sanctuary, somewhere where you can feel relaxed and comfortable. And I can help you achieve that.

Thank you Zoe! We’re left feeling inspired and ready to kick off the New Year in organised style! You can find out more about Zoe’s services on her website.

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